Why us


Long-term cooperation

We offer a stable income and work on a permanent basis, including the benefits and security that come from this cooperation. Our services in the installation of racking and stacking systems are in great demand on the world market, and thanks to this we are able to provide long-term work to a high number of skilled employees.


Adapting of a new colleague

Each newcomer undergoes initial training, practical training in our training centre and continues to develop their skills on site, where they are looked after by experienced colleagues. The newcomer can also access training materials on our Employee Portal or further training in the iTutor online training system.


International experience

Our customers in the automotive, clothing and food industries give us the opportunity to carry out projects almost worldwide. At the same time, our teams are located in Europe, America, Canada, Australia and Africa. However, knowledge of a foreign language is not a requirement. Our colleagues on site are predominantly of Czech nationality. It is also possible to encounter Romanian, Slovakian or Polish nationalities on site.      


Company culture

Montáže Brož is a company that currently provides work for more than 600 permanent employees. And even though we are already a large company, we care about the comfort of every employee and are interested in their feedback. The company management encourages work teams to meet, even in other ways than at work. Team building events, educational workshops and training sessions are held regularly organized. As part of our sponsorship, we support young promising drivers from the world of motorsport, and we are no stranger to social responsibility at the level of charity. Our motto, which runs throughout the company across all continents, is Jsme Brožáci!” (We are the Brož family).   



We employ over 600 assembly workers globally.


We have executed over 3,200 projects worldwide.


We have worked in more than 35 countries.


We place the highest possible importance on the safety of our fitters. The company Montáže Brož was successfully certified in 2021 for ISO 45001:2018. This certification strengthens our competitiveness in the market for occupational health and safety (OHS) and strengthens our credibility with third parties. Key pillars in the development of OHS rules and standards include experience, site visits, feedback from site personnel themselves and common sense. To increase comfort and practicality, part of our strategy is to keep abreast of new developments and trends in: occupational health and safety, personal protective equipment and technology.


From Assistant Assembler to Measuring Technician to Supervisor? No problem at Montáže Brož! Our sophisticated system of regular appraisals and training monitors our employees performance throughout the year, which is then reflected in their remuneration and career progression.